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Busses In Kempsey after the Changes in October  


Matty 32
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14/09/2019 12:09 pm  

Hi Everyone 

Now i have not been on here lately but I just want to say how angry I am that the bus service in Kempsey is going to be cut from October. The 32 is currently running every half an hour to and from Worcester on Monday to Saturday. Now first bus are only serving Kempsey on Peak Times Only Monday to Friday and then they are cutting Saturday services all together. This saddens me to think that there are a lot of old people and young people in Kempsey who rely on the bus to do there Tesco shop in St Peters or go in to Worcester for there Saturday jobs or shopping. 

Another thing is that the cost is going to go up again after Kempsey will be withdrawn from the city zone in October. It currently cost my parents £50 a month for the ticket to get me to college and now it is going to cost £63 a month because we will become part of the county zone. 

I am going to talk to Worcester sixth form college about my concerns and I hope you can share this with first bus and the council. 


Matthew M (Matty 32) 

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14/09/2019 6:42 pm  

Thank you very much Matty for your comments. Your sentiments are shared widely, particularly with those in Kempsey. We will be putting all questions and comments in to First bus, and we understand how frustrating this situation is, for so many people who rely on so many different services. Please keep in touch, and consider becoming on of our "Service Champions" to keep us updated about the services you use. Full details are here on the forum, and on our Facebook page, if you find that easier to access when you are on the go.