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10/07/2018 3:17 pm  

Hello everybody, and welcome to the Worcester Bus Users' Forum. 

Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the Forum Rules and our website, we all want a polite and productive discussion.

Just as an introduction, I would like to tell you how this project came about.

As a disabled lady who does not drive and relies on local bus services I have seen the effect that the reduction of funding has had on public transport. This has impacted on my social and professional life, as well as having devastating effects on the environment, and ever increasing congestion.

Having moved to Worcester from Birmingham three years ago, I was surprised by the limited availably of bus services from the City Centre of an evening and have been forced to use taxi’s after 8 pm. This means that any employment I seek is limited by my means of transport.  We also found that the bus stop near our new home was not in service, however, there was no signage to that effect and it took two years for it to be removed and re-sited.

When some new friends suggested creating an online forum for bus users’ in Worcester I jumped at the chance to be involved and set about writing a plan for the project which I then presented to Nigel Eggleton the Managing Director for First Worcester. With the full support from First Worcester we set about creating the forum, and I would like to thank Matthew Jenkins for all his work building and implementing our website.

I hope that the forum will allow us to get useful feedback from current and past bus users to improve services, and increase uptake. I really believe that if more people decide to leave their car at home when visiting Worcester City Centre, we can cut congestion, improve air quality and the increase in revenue would invigorate struggling services.

I am proud to be the Chairperson of the Worcester Bus Users’ Forum, and I would like to extend my gratitude to all the volunteers for their assistance and to Nigel Eggleton and his team at First Worcester for their support.

I look forward to hearing from you all and to gather together all of your experiences with the aim of improving services. 

Please take a moment to run through our survey, that by design, takes less than two minutes to complete. We will be openly sharing the results of this survey, as we feel it is important for all bus users. After the first few respondents I can tell you that as of the 10th July 2018 customer satisfaction is at 38%, and I think we can get this figure increasing by working together. 

Emily Bond, Chair, Worcester Bus Users’ Forum.