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New bus cuts from 13th October

New bus cuts from 13th October

First Group have announced a range of changes and cuts to their services, including stopping the 38 bus service on Sundays, supposedly due to the lack of customers using the service. A First Group spokesman said: “We are making a number of changes to services from 13...

First Buses up for sale

First Buses up for sale

The future of Worcester's buses is now uncertain after the parent owners of First Buses put it up for sale. First Group announced it would be "pursuing strategic options, through a sale or other means" to offload the bus part of its business in a statement on...

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Service update.

Services affected 144/144a/36/37

We are experiencing delay’s of up to 20 minutes on the above mentioned services – this is due to temporary traffic lights at the Ombersley Road / Droitwich Road Junction. M.A.H

@BikeWorcester @worcscc @WalkerWorcester My son uses public bus to @BishopPerowneCE. Bus company can’t operate it as a public bus cos too many children on it. School having to organise it as a school service. There won’t be space for social distancing. @worcscc @WalkerWorcester please make #safestreets for cycling.

Here’s the link to Phase 2: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/news/article/2230/further_funding_bid_submitted_for_the_emergency_active_travel_fund
Our thanks to @WorcsTravel for the information. @allpartycycling

Newtown Road in Worcester closed one way for three days | Worcester News

Delay’s and a diversion in place, that will also disrupt the number 38 bus ⁦@worcesterbus⁩ 👇 https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/18533446.newtown-road-worcester-closed-one-way-three-days/

"If we are to build back better from this global pandemic we need a green recovery with public transport at its heart" says our CEO Claire Haigh in her blog today https://bit.ly/3hAMW18

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I would just like to say that under really difficult circumstances this afternoon, with the enormous amount of roadworks, diversions and social distancing measures, I took a number of busses from near the Worcester Royal Hospital over to Henwick Park and back this afternoon. I haven’t been out much since lockdown, but bus drivers appear to be doing all they can to help passengers.
I had to flag a 31A down on my return trip, because the diversion through St Johns has left no established bus stops, but the driver was very amenable, considerate and friendly after I waved at him like a woman possessed and desperate to get home.
I was so relived, thank you.


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4 weeks ago

Rosie Huxley

Dear Mr Eggleton,
I am writing to you to express my concern about a recent decision that has been made in Worcester regarding later evening bus services. After speaking to one of your Customer service agents it appears that you have removed the last 2 or 3 bus services of the evening throughout the whole of Worcester – this is particularly noticeable on the 35 and 44 Malvern to Worcester routes (two busy and well used routes). I note that First have also halved the number of buses between Worcester and Birmingham - with many terminating in Bromsgrove.

Your Agent seemed to believe that these service reductions are Country wide in response to the Corona Virus pandemic and in response to less people using public transport and that these decisions MAY be temporary. I note with interest on your website for Worcestershire that you are promoting the fact that you have added some extra services in the early mornings for the benefit of key workers. This is a good idea. However, in my experience key workers also need to return from work and not everyone works from 9-5. For example, many supermarket workers at Asda and Aldi in Worcester work until 9pm. By removing the 21:00 hours and 22:00 hours services on the 35 route in particular you have removed none drivers ability to return home from work. I’m sure you can appreciate that not everyone can afford Taxis. Secondly, many disabled people such as me are unable to safely or practically cycle. I applaud the government’s Green/environmental decision to encourage fit and healthier people to take up cycling, however, as a visually impaired person, for me this would be neither safe nor practical.

I appreciate that these are unusual and unprecedented times but can I please have some reassurance from you that you will be reinstating the 21 and 22 hundred hours services in Worcester City when things change and hopefully improve with the Covid situation?

I have always been taken aback, disappointed and frustrated by how poor public transport is in Worcester compared to places of a comparable size. Worcester is a small city and covers a large population demographic, has a university, 3 train stations, sports facilities etc. Around a fifth of residents do not have access to a car. Bus travel is also a part of green and environmental sustainability and it is not all about cycling and walking. The government has a clear desire and remit to get more and more disabled people into paid work but how am I and people like myself who cannot drive supposed to show flexibility and commitment if we cannot get home from work?

I have campaigned to improve bus services in Worcester, only for them to be cut even further. A couple of years ago you made a promise and commitment that you would not remove the post 7.30pm services and I am very upset that you have reversed these decisions as I am a person who liked to socialise, use the gym and meet friends in the evening. I am now stuck using Taxis after 8pm which I can ill afford. However, I am more concerned about people being unable to get back from work and commute between Malvern and Worcester city etc. Strong public transport supports economic recovery, the environment and wellbeing.

As you can see, this is a matter I feel strongly about and I intend to continue campaigning on. Our ‘save bus services’ petition a couple of years ago gained many signatures and I have the support of local councillors in this endeavour.
I look forward to hearing back from you in due course.

Yours faithfully,

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