Following a Worcestershire County Council meeting in September, a Bus Scrutiny Task Group has been set up.

It’s objective is “to investigate the current bus and community/alternative transport provision, including the availability of transport at crucial times of day to get to work, to school or college, to medical appointments and for shopping”.

County councillors have been invited to provide a written submission to the Task Group. It is also important that bus users also have a say and so we are asking you to get involved and then we can pass this on to the task group. The following questions have been given to councillors:

  1. Who are the main users of bus services in your area?
  2. Are you aware of groups of residents who would wish to make use of bus services if they were available? If so, please provide details.
  3. What are the most common reasons for bus journeys?
  4. Are there local initiatives in your area that back up the public bus service?
  5. Can you identify any gaps in the current provision?
  6. Are there local concerns about the current bus service? If so, please provide details.
  7. Any additional information/ views that you wish to submit to the Task Group?

Send your answers via our contact form.