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Bus Users' Forum, Service Champions.  


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Worcester Bus Users’ Forum are looking for Bus Service Champions.


Volunteers from the forum will be in Angel Place in Worcester, outside Crowngate Bus Station on Saturday September 14thfrom midday, with more information on how the public can be involved in saving their bus services.


About Worcester Bus Users’ Forum:


The forum run by volunteers launched last year with the aim to get more people on the buses in Worcester, improve services, cut congestion, reduce emissions in the city and get people out and about.

They have been collecting comments, feedback and survey responses from their Facebook Page, Twitter feed and website to pass on directly to service providers, as well as providing the public with information about changes to services.


The new initiative being launched in September is to collect more detailed information on each of the services that begin/terminate at Crowngate Bus Station, as well as to provide up-to-date information for passengers.

They hope to accomplish this by recruiting Worcester Bus Users’ “Service Champions”. At least one volunteer per route that travels on the service every day or at least three times a week, who can report issues with the service to the forum via Facebook, Twitter or directly online. Whenever traffic issues cause diversions, they encounter broken bus stops, missing services, patterns of delays or other re-occurring issues, the Bus Users’ Forum would like to hear about it. This will not only be useful information to current and future service providers and the Council, but fellow commuters who can be kept informed of changes, delays and other problems with services.


The Chairperson of Worcester Bus Users’ Forum Emily Bond said that:


“We have unfortunately found ourselves in a cycle of poor service, low passenger numbers, leading to reduced services, that then reduces take-up further. We believe that as a community we can improve the situation by supporting public transport locally, reporting issues more efficiently and promoting car-free travel through the City of Worcester.” 


If you would like to be involved in the Worcester Bus Users’ Forum, or to become a “Service Champion” you can get in touch:


Via Facebook @worcesterbusforum

Via Twitter @worcesterbus



Or come down to Angel Place in Worcester, outside Crowngate Bus Station on Saturday September 14thfrom midday, for a chat.


Emily Bond.


(Chair) Worcester Bus Users’ Forum.